2 Indonesian national team players who have not performed at the SEA Games 2017

2 Indonesian national team players who have not performed at the SEA Games 2017

Indonesia U-22 national team has so far played three games in Group B SEA Games 2017 by collecting seven points.

The points were obtained after holding back the Thai draw and victory over the Philippines and Timor Leste.

U-22 national team coach, Luis Milla, registered 20 names of players to the event.

Of the 20 names, 18 players have appeared, be it Satria Tama who is the second goalkeeper of Garuda Young squad.

Satria Tama played against Timor Leste to replace the injured Kartiawan Kartika Ajie.

Then, who are the two players who have not played so far?

1. Ryuji Utomo

Ryuji became the name of the first player who has never downgraded Luis Milla in the 2017 SEA Games event.

Persija Jakarta club back defender seemed to lose compete with the player in his position as a center back.

In the center back position, there are names Hansamu Yama and Ricky Fajrin who always appear in three games.

The presence of Ricky Fajrin and Hansamu make U-22 national team new conceded one goal so far through one of the Thai players.

Ryuji became the third name of Persija players who were brought to Malaysia.

Two colleagues, Muhammad Hargianto and Rezaldi Hehanusa, have also played in the event.

2. Andy Setyo

Just like Ryuji, Andy Setyo is a player in the center back position.

The center-back of the PSI club’s PS is difficult to penetrate the main squad because there are Hansamu and Ricky Fajrin.

However, Milla had said that all the players who registered it the best player.

The Spaniard will also make the rotation in every game.

U-22 national team still has two matches in the Group B round against Vietnam (22/8/2017) and Cambodia (24/08/2017).

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