Souness: Liverpool Must Sell Coutinho

Souness: Liverpool Must Sell Coutinho

Liverpool football legend Graeme Souness suggests the club he once defended Philippe Coutinho in the summer Agen Casino.

Now thanks to shiny game retainer Brazil national team is a number of clubs interested in bringing it and one of which Barcelona is reported to have bid three times but all three were rejected by the Reds.

However, the 64-year-old man suggested that the Merseyside club accept Barca’s offer if the Spaniard returns to bid the fourth bigger.

“Players usually get their way at the end and with the kind of cash on offer right now, I’ll let go of their hands,” Graeme Souness told the media.

“I think for money like that you can not say no.

“Yes, he is an attractive little footballer, he is neat and tidy in the ball, he scores some amazing goals, but at that level I will take over the money. I do not see him like a Suarez or Neymar. “

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