Gagliardini Praises the Performance of Albanian Apik

Gagliardini Praises the Performance of Albanian Apik

Roberto Gagliardini revealed if Albania was not an easy match

Where, he claims if the performance of the visitors is very strong to make Ciro Immobile and colleagues won only 1-0 in the last game of 2018 World Cup qualifying.

And after the match, Gagliardini also revealed if this victory means so much to them. In addition, he also gave praise for Albania which he said gave a really fierce opposition.

“It’s a positive night, a big win and it’s very difficult to do it at them, where Albanians fight for every ball.” Gagliardini told local media.

“I do not think we are a lack of attack. It was a very difficult game, we were just giving something to Alabania, some dangerous shots from long range. We need to improve our baits and will definitely work in that area with the coach. “

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