Semen Padang Demands Players Full of Heart

Semen Padang Demands Players Full of Heart

Realizing the difficult conditions that are now experienced, Semen Padang who currently inhabit the degradation zone would be all-out when entertaining Perseru Serui in the 32nd week of League 1, Saturday (28/10/2017), at the H. Agus Salim Stadium, Padang.

This was conveyed by the coach of Semen Padang, Syafrianto Rusli. Although admitted there are still many who will be fixed after the game against Persija, Syafrianto believes his players’ morale will double in the important game.

According Syafrianto, Semen Padang efforts to stay in the League 1 next season begins with a victory over Perseru at home.

The Kans is very big. In addition to the first round able to hold Perseru 0-0 in Serui, motivation and support full of supporters according to him will lift the team’s performance.

“We think the match against Perseru is the final, if we win, there is still a chance to get out of the red zone, but if we lose we can be sure we will be eliminated from League 1 next season, so players have to realize that, and show their professionalism, “said Syafrianto.

The former West Sumatra PON team coach wants all the players believed to play in the game, playing wholeheartedly and being responsible for saving the team from the red zone.

“Mentality and motivation of players must be better than the previous game, in addition to finishing problems are expected to be fixed ahead of the game later,” said Syafrianto.

The young player of Semen Padang, Adi Nugroho, represents the hopeful players in the remaining three games to provide the best for the West Sumatra public.

“We will fight harder in the game later, we believe we can win the game, so we need support,” said Adi.

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